Miguel Tardio

Name : Miguel Tardío
Age : 25
Hometown: Madrid (Spain)
How many years of riding : 11
Why Bmx and flatland : I started doing BMX when I was fiveteen and I went to the Retiro Park. There I used to see flatland riders practicing. My innocent eyes did not know that some of those times I was seeing riders like Martti Kuoppa or Viki Gómez. I only knew that I wanted to do those things. Nowadays I rider BMX because I love it. Flatland is my way to express myself and a way to scape the convencional and usual things.
Favorite tricks: Nose and pedal tricks.
Favorite riders: Michael Sommer, Hotoke,
Favorite destination to travel: BMX Masters (Cologne, Germany)
Favorite food: I love to try new flavours, I can´t choose only one.
Instagram: @migueltardioflat
Web Site: www.flatmad.com