Luis Elías Benavides

Name : Luis Elías Benavides Madrigal
Age : 30
Hometown: Nicoya, Costa Rica
How many years of riding: Around 16, I guess.
Why Bmx and flatland: I never liked team sports when I was in school. I discovered BMX flatland when I bought my first bike, which was really a racing bike. At that precise moment, the sons of the bikeshop owner were watching the movie RAD and then some footage of the X-Games, and I immediately fell in love with the sport. Then I adapted my racing bike and turned it into a flatland bike…well, sort of, haha.
Favorite tricks: spinning tricks…I just love that feeling!
Favorite riders: Too many to name, but I love when a rider has his own style and doesn’t follow trends. To name a few, Chase Gouin, Matti Röse, Frank Lukas, Pete Olsen, Viki Gómez, Martti Kuoppa, Jesse Puente, Dub, Owen Bohn…
Favorite destination to travel: I don’t really travel much because of my job. In 2014 I went to Trinidad as a judge for a flatland contest and I loved it! I’d like to go to France and Japan sometime in the future, though.
Favorite food: Costa Rican food, hands down! I also love seafood.
Favorite movie: RAD, of course!

Instagram: @eliasflat
Twitter: @eliasbiker
Snapchat: eliasbiker