Jesse Puente

Name : Jesse puente aka JP
Age: as old as I feel
Home town: Los Angeles USA
How many years riding : I since 2 and half I see a pic of me riding a tricycle does that count. I think around 14-15 I raced then min ramp, Freeestylin Ramps it was the same back then Also street all same so around 16 serious flat 29 years ago.
Why BMX flat? It’s my passion !!
Fav trick : tricks that start new directions I’m always working on new concepts. My floating styles feel really good
Fav riders:  anyone that creates !!
Fav destination : wow, It always changes I really miss Berlin in the summer
Fav food  : Sea food
Anything I see I eat I can’t decide like Rider’s to much to judge good is art like flat
Fav movie : RAD Chech and Chong