Chase Gouin

Name: Chase Gouin
Age: 44
Hometown: City of Windsor, Province of Ontario, Country of Canada
How many years of riding ? 32 years Flatlanding and 25 years Professional
Why Bmx and flatland ? I was always into team sports and very active as a child but when i discovered BMX/Flatland i preferred the individuality and creativity of it.
Favorite tricks: Every new trick/variation i pull/learn (even small and easy) is my favorite because the process of trial/error/experimentation and then discovery is what provides me the greatest feelings.
Favorite riders: Kevin Jones, Ross Smith, Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez, Alexis Desolneux
Favorite destination to travel: Costa Rica
Favorite food: Toast with cream cheese and peanut butter and agavae nectar/syrup dipped in coffee avec du lait
Favorite movie: The Invention of Lying